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The Neurobehavioral Circuits Group (a.k.a. Lischinsky Lab) opens its doors at the NIEHS/NIH!

We are so excited to shared that the Neurobehavioral Circuits Group at the NIEHS/NIH has officially opened its doors on January 16th, 2024!

Dr. Julieta Lischinsky will be leading the group where we will be delving into the cellular, circuit and developmental mechanisms that give rise to social behaviors.

The group welcomes Dr. Jingheng Zhou, Biologist in our group and founding member alongside Dr. Julieta Lischinsky.

We are looking forward to tons of new exciting scientific discoveries and having a great time doing so while being part of a a collegial, respectful and kind environment!

The group is located in Durham, North Carolina where we will have the honor of joining the Neurobiology Laboratory comprised of fantastic neuroscience groups and also joining the vibrant scientific community that is part of the Division of Intramural Research. Julieta will hold a secondary appointment in the Reproductive and Developmental Biology Laboratory at the NIEHS.

Julieta in one of the temporary lab spaces as we set-up the group
Jingheng at the Self-Service Store purchasing new lab items

NIEHS in Durham, NC where the group is located

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