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Initiatives and Resources for Academic

Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion

Fostering an academic environment where diverse voices are heard, individuals from under-represented groups are included and form part of the conversation, is crucial for a safe research experience and for the advancement of scientific discoveries. The Lischinsky Lab pledges to work on initiatives to increase representation of historically marginalized groups in STEM, provide a safe space and mentor the next generation of scientists from all backgrounds.

Below you can find initiatives across the US we have developed or been involved in that we encourage everyone to check out:

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Fully funded fellowship at the Postbac, Pre Graduate and Postdoctoral level for trainees from diverse backgrounds to perform research for a 2 year period in an NIEHS lab.

Find application details here.

Our group is accepting STrIDE applications!

Reach out if you are interested in a position in our lab through this program. Applications are accepted on a rolling-bases

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to perform paid research at NIH labs over the summer for 8-12 weeks. Selected students will share their work at the summer poster session. No research experience is required. Students from  underrepresented groups are highly encouraged to apply. *Internship open only to US citizens and permanent residents

Applications are closed for summer 2024. Click HERE for more details if interested in applying for summer 2025

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Undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds studying in the New York City and surrounding areas (NJ, NY, CT) have the opportunity to perform neuroscience research at NYU Langone Neuroscience labs for an immersive 10-week paid summer experience. No research experience is required. Students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, underrepresented groups and  non-research intensive institutions are highly encouraged to apply. 

Applications are now closed for summer 2024.

Senior graduate students from under-represented groups are invited to present their research and network with the neuroscience NYU Langone and Center for Neural Science Faculty and trainees at a two-day Symposium.

Applications are currently closed.


CoNNExINS logo designed by Karin Morandell, PhD

sharing our success event.jpg

Julieta (right) sharing her scientific experiences to middle and high-school girls in the Girls in Technology Sharing our Success Story panel 

I have been involved in two of GIT's initiatives:

1. Mentor-Protege program: mentoring high school girls interested in a career in STEM through the academic year on topics including leadership, empowerment, collaboration, etc. 

2. Sharing our Success story: workshop and panel for middle and high school girls to encourage young women to discover STEM.

Check out their website (link on title) to learn how to get involved in their initiatives. Applications are currently open for mentors!

Dr. Edward A. Bouchet was the first African American to receive a doctoral degree from a US Institution.  He received a Physics Ph.D. from Yale University in 1876.

In honor of Dr. Bouchet, the Society selects graduate students with exceptional academic achievements from under-represented groups and provides a network and support for their members. The Society organizes an annual conference on Diversity and Graduate Education for members of their 19 national chapters to meet, be inducted into the Society, and engage in vibrant discussions of their research and D&I in academia.

For more information check out link above and each chapter's website.

Bouchet Leadership Award Dinner at Yale with GWU Associate Dean for Graduate Studies Jeffr

Julieta attending the annual Bouchet Graduate Honor Society meeting at Yale University. Picture at the Leadership Award Dinner with Jeffrey Bran, GWU Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Yale’s President Peter Salovey, University of Miami’s President Julio Frenk, and Hakim Walker, fellow GW Bouchet inductee.   

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Additional Resources

Here is a list of other amazing organizations focusing on DEJI initiatives that have volunteering opportunities and resources:

Cientifico Latino

Black in Neuro

Clear Direction Mentoring  


Reach out to if you would like me to add your organization to the list!

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